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KEEPING VARIETIES (From late September - January)

Cheshire COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN - (Dessert)
The best known English Dessert Apple. Slightly russetted skin, firm and juicy flesh. Will store well until Christmas.

Cheshire KIDD'S ORANGE - (Dessert)
This delicious Cox seedling is larger, redder and sweeter than Cox's Orange Pippin and will keep well until February.

Cheshire GOLDEN DELICIOUS - (Dessert)
If you have been put off by the tasteless woolly French version of this apple, please try a free sample of our version - you will be pleasantly suprised! Sweet, crisp and juicy, provided cool conditions are maintained. Will store until late January.

Cheshire CHIVERS DELIGHT - (Dessert / Cooker)
A hard, juicy apple with a tangy, distinct flavour. When used for cooking it needs a little sugar and 'falls' well. Excellent keeping qualities, will store until February.

Cheshire CRISPIN - (Cooker / Dessert)
Large, juicy green apple of unbeatable keeping qualities, delicious for either cooking or eating. Holds it's shape when cooked, but will 'fall' if given a few minutes extra cooking time. Stores beautifully until March.

Cheshire HOLSTEIN COX - (Dessert)
Almost indistinguishable in flavour from Cox's Orange Pippin, but is usually larger and ripens a week or two earlier. Stores well until December.

Cheshire RED PIPPIN - (Dessert)
An attractive brightly coloured apple with a similar flavour to a Cox. It is firm, juicy and sweet with a nice tang making it refreshing. A cross between Cox and Idared, keeps well until Christmas.

Cheshire ROYAL GALA - (Dessert)
An attractive looking apple with a deep red blush.Royal Gala is firm and sweet flavoured with a hint of pear drops. Keeps until Christmas.

Cheshire EGREMONT RUSSET - (Dessert)
Crisp and sweet with a rich nutty flavour.

Cheshire SPARTAN - (Dessert)
Beautiful red eater with crisp, sweet, juicy flesh.Keeps well until Christmas.

Cheshire BELLE DE BOSKOOP - (Cooker / Dessert)
Large red variety with russetted skin finish. Excellent all purpose cooker which "falls" to a deliciously fluffy yellow pulp. Sharp flavoured as an eater. Will keep until January.

Cheshire BRAMLEY'S SEEDLING - (Cooker)
The best known English Cooking Apple. Smooth, green skin, firm sharply flavoured flesh which "falls" well when cooked.

Cheshire MELROSE - (Cooker / Dessert)
Deliciously juicy and crisp as an eater and excellent for cooking. Smooth red skin finish. Will store well until February.


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